Solar AC 1.5 Ton DC 48 V

  • 100% off grid operation (using solar energy)

  • System driven by 48V DC (compressor, fan motor etc)

  • Low energy consumtion, low energy loss

  • R134A CFC free refrigerant

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In off grid solar air conditioner system, the power generated from the solar panels will drive the solar air conditioner and it will also change the battery bank for backup at same time. The MPPT controller serves the purpose of both controlling and boosting of 48V voltage of the battery to 310V DC for DC inverter air conditioner. The power stored in the battery bank will be used for the solar air conditioner at night.

The off grid solar air conditioner system is mainly used at the places where there is no power supply available.

Higher Efficiency

Aurikon 48V Full DC 100% Solar Air Conditioner can be utilized in a T3 environment. It has a higher efficiency rate compared to other regular invert aircons. With no electricity usage, you can save upto 100% during the day and night.

Solar AC

Works on solar power and battery usage

The 100% off grid unit requires no AC power to operate indoor and outdoor units. It has a plug-and-play solar connection that are manufactured to international standards.

Solar AC

Powered by DC currents

The six main components of the air conditioner are powered by DC currents. With our special design, the aircon can be driven by solar PV energy. Even without using solar power, Aurikon ACs can have 40% energy savings.

Low sound levels

Sleep soundly when the whole machine noise can be as low as upto 45dB. With modified fin shape, new fan blade designs, grille designs, the operation noise is cut down to a minimum.



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