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We are providing vast range of Solar Lighting System which is offered in standard as well as customized formats. Our range of Solar Lighting System meets all the quality criteria established by national and international authorities. Our positive response to client's needs and dynamic approach have contributed to the success and growth of our organization. All our range of product is procured from trusted vendors and thoroughly checked at our end.

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Solar C-Steel Mounting System

CY-ZJ01 series is a C-shape steel mounting system which has types of foundations,ground screw, rammed post and concrete foundation.So it has wide range of application.Because of the concise design,it saves a lot of materials for this system.Besides, 40% pre-assembly parts at factory makes the installation work at site very easier and safe.This series of mounting system is the most economical one which is widely used on large commercial solar plants.


Solar Round Steel Mounting System

CY-ZJ02 series is a round steel mounting system.3 types of foundations(ground screw, rammed post and concrete foundation) allow it have wide range of application.The professional and strict calculation and high-quality material makes the structure have a high strenght.Besides, 40% pre-assembly parts at factory makes the installation work at site very easier and safe.


Solar Aluminium Mounting System

This mounting system CY-ZJ all aluminium is applied to large commercial solar plant and plant for public utilities.CY-ZJ all aluminium is suitable for both frame and frameless module.It has 3 types of foundations,rammed post,ground screw and concrete foundation which allow this mounting structure fit for any types of soil.The main material of this system is aaluminium 605-T5 which makes the transportation and installation very easy beacause it's weight is lighter than standard system.Besides,it has a good performance on anti-corrossion because there is anodic oxidation film on the surface of material.So this system can fit for any bad environment.


Solar Seasonal Adjustable Mounting System

Solar mounting CY-ZJ05 is a seasonal adjustable ground mounting sysems.It can be adjusted manually from 5deg to 45deg to improve the efficiency of generated energy.Different from other seasonal adjustable mounts,it is adjusted the angle by bearing which is safe and efficient.The single column foundaion makes the installation work very easy in order to save your installation time and labor.


Solar Single Column Mounting System

CY-ZJ15 is applied to large commercial solar plant and plant for public utilities.This is a single column mounted system which is suitable for frame and frameless modules.The infrastructure of concrete foundation increases the grip and wind resistance.This is one of the most economical and suitable system in the market.


Solar Plug-in Mounting System

This mounting system CY-ZJ17 is applied to large commercial solar plant and plant for public utilities.CY-ZJ17 is a single column mounted system.The design of aluminium 6005-T5 together with steel not only improves the strength but also save the materials.But this system is more suitable for frame module because it is a plug-in mounting system.The way of fixing does not need any clamps,just insert module into the rail.this way saves 30% installation time.Besides, 40% of the components are pre-assembled at our factory, so it simplifies the installation steps at site.


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