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We offer a broad range of solar products for residential and commercial, on-grid and off-grid installations.

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Solar powered LED Lighting system for low cost and informal housing and emergency/stand-by lighting requirements.

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We do the Custom Design & Construction of the Renewable Energy Components to meet the customer power requirement.

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We at Fairyland Solar Light LLC are pleased to introduce ourselves as Solar System Integrators and supplier for range of solar products & LED Products. Experienced in this field for more than 10 years and have expertise in solution providing for solar and LED lighting system designing in UAE. Quality is our motto and Customer Satisfaction is our priority.

The basic precept on which we function is the concept of conservation and renewability. We believe that the energy objectives of our society can be met by innovation in the field of renewable energy sources and energy conservation. The sustained harnessing of renewable energy and propagation of energy conservation is our basic philosophy.


Renewable energy is now making a noticeable impact especially in the lives of rural masses.Solar energy is the most readily available source of energy. It is also the most important of the non-conventional source of energy because it is non-polluting and, therefore, helps in lessening the greenhouse effect and meets our electricity requirements.


Solar energy meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. We believe that the systems should not only generate clean energy but do so in the most environmentally friendly manner.Fairyland is conscientious of the environment and always strives to build our solar power plants sustainably.

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